Draco SIRA (KVM over IP)Immediate access to Virtual Machines and Remote Access via WAN/LAN

Draco SIRA (KVM over IP)
  • Draco Vario IP CPU
  • KVM extender + integrated thin client
  • Access to virtual machines
  • RDP, RemoteFX, PCoIP, VNC and SSH
  • Host up to eight sessions
  • Draco SIRA
    (Remote Access Gateway)
  • Remote access gateway via WAN
  • HTML 5.0 Browser based access
  • Windows client software
  • Encrypted signal transmission

IHSE has just released it's Draco Vario/SIRA IP KVM solutions.

Draco Vario IP CPU
- Draco SIRA CON (Secure IP Remote Access)
- Draco SIRA User Station

Draco Vario IP CPU

The IP CPU module provides seamless KVM connectivity to an IP infrastructure.

Unlike a traditional CPU unit which only allows access to a single physical PC (CPU), the IP CPU allows you to access physical machines as well as virtual Machines via protocols such as Remote FX, VNC, RDP, SSH. Further remote protocols will be incorporated in the future.

Additionally, web access is available when in Kiosk Mode, which limits access to a fixed website or a locally running application which may serve as a navigation menu.

This means less physical CPUs are required, possibly reducing the need for complex server rooms.
If the IP CPU is connected to any IHSE Matrix Switch, then depending upon user access rights, they may access the IP CPU and any of the virtual machines connected to it.

A single IP CPU may host up to eight simultaneous sessions.

Using RDP or RemoteFX protocols, the IP CPU provides seamless KVM acess from individual workstations to virtual machines in the same manner as accessing real PCs. Remote maintenance and installing updates are also possible. 

Besides standard KVM signals, audio and USB data may also be routed through this device.

RDP sessions may also be shared amongst multiple users, delivering better solutions.

Access to real and virtual PCs is achieved through permenant connection. Switching between the two is instantaneous with no diruption to the users.

Draco SIRA (Remote Access Gateway | Secure IP Remote Access)

The Draco SIRA provides an access gateway via WAN for service personnel, offering high-performance real-time like access, as if via LAN. 

With two methods of access, either via an HTML 5.0 browser providing the highest flexibility (even from mobile devices), or via Windows client software for more features and higher performance.

How Draco SIRA can help your organization:

People across the globe are being asked to work remotely.
See how SIRA can help your organization and Remote Access for safe working during the Covid situation.


Draco Vario IP CPUIP Documentation

Draco SIRA User StationIP Documentation

Draco SIRA CON/Stand AloneIP Documentation

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