KVM-TEC ScalableLineDisplayPort 1.2 Extender / Multiviewer for FullHD or 4K

KVM-TEC ScalableLine
  • Combine up to 16 Sources
  • Mix FullHD or 4K Sources
  • Combine Monitors for Video Wall
  • DisplayPort 1.2 4096 x 2160 @ 60Hz
  • Single Keyboard / Mouse operation
  • Compatible with standard 10G Switch
  • Switch via OSD / HotKey
  • Intelligent Switching Manager

Extend - Display - Scale - Switch

ScalableLine - An ultra-flexible KVM over IP DisplayPort 1.2 Extender / Multiviewer for up to 16 sources, where FullHD and 4K sources may be displayed, combined, scaled  on a single 4K monitor and operated by a single mouse and keyboard.

To display FullHD sources, combine a MaxFlex Local with a Scalable Remote.
To display 4K sources (video wall function) combine Scalable Local & Remote units.

Fully compatible with standard 10G network switches.

ScalableLine extends DisplayPort 1.2 video signals (4096 X 2160 @ 60 Hz / 5K 5120 X 1440) over IP up to a range of 300m

Features perfect color coding of  4:4:4 @ 8bit per colour for 4K video in real time, and with super fast switching (low latency 0.47ms) enabling a delay-free transmission. USB 2.0 and DP Video are transmitted together over a single link cable.

The ScalableLine is controlled via OSD or a web-based Switching Manager.

How far can I extend?
Over Fibre you can extend up to 300m.

The ScalableLine KVM over IP Extender range offers some really neat features such as :

- Upto 16 freely scalable source
- Real-time display
- Upscale / Downscale individual sources
- Move content between monitors
- Combine monitors to create a video wall

At a glance features

  • Extend over IP
  • DisplayPort 1.2 4096 x 2160 @ 60Hz
  • Video wall function
  • Fibre link interface
  • Low latency  0.47ms - Super fast switching
  • Embedded Audio / Analogue Audio
  • RS232
  • Mouse Glide & Switch / Switching Manager
  • Point-to-Point or Switched

    Upgrade Options Include:
  • Health Status / Alarms 
  • Compatible with 10G network switches
  • Multiple mounting solutions
  • Firmware flash upgrade without cable
  • Single link cable to transmit Video & USB 2.0
  • 2 Year Warranty. 5 Year optional.


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