Near instantaneous response, no dropped commands and unrestricted matrix connectivity enable the duty controller to specify the exact configuration required. In today's environment, even a slight delay in response is unacceptable

Manuel Kirchesch, Project Manager, NATO

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Draco U-Switch4/8 Port USB Keyboard/Mouse Switch

Draco U-Switch
  • Switches keyboard & mouse
  • Can operate eight computers
  • Quick and instant switching
  • Switch by moving mouse
  • Companion to Draco Tera
  • No software required

When you need to operate multiple computers through a single keyboard and mouse without switching video, the Draco U-Switch from IHSE is the answer. The ideal solution for workstations in banking, surveillance and command and control environments where the simultaneous management of multiple displays connected to different CPUs is vital, the U-Switch offers seamless user-friendly and intuitive operation.

It has been designed to perform fast and accurate mouse selections (as well as performing the same operations with hotkeys) across adjacent screen boundaries without the need to manually change keyboard and mouse. The fast, delay-free switching of the 8-port U-Switch makes it the perfect companion to the Enterprise and Compact KVM Matrix Switches, enhancing the flexibility of multiple CPU management.

The U-Switch is incredibly cost-effective, saving workspace and increasing productivity as well as being the perfect solution for single users managing multiple CPUs in environments where speed, accuracy and efficiency are the metrics by which work is judged.

Basic U-Switch functionality (4-Port) is integrated into all Draco Tera Matrix Switches as a standard feature.


At a glance features

  • Instant switching of CPUs for multi-monitor workstations
  • Option for parallel switching of transpartent USB 2.0 data and USB-HID
  • Switching via keyboard, mouse or external contact closure
  • Multi-Screen Control (switching via mouse movement)
  • Flexible Multi-Screen configuration (via Draco Tera Tool)
  • Compatible with all Draco products
  • Compatible with all USB-HID devices
  • Rack-mountable, up to 2 U-Switches can be installed in 1 RU of rack space

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