Analogue KVM Extenders


After many years we have recently ceased manufacture of all our extremely successful Analogue KVM Extender series: 



We do have some Analogue KVM Extenders still available whilst stocks last.

The following list details product availability. Click the product link to view the associated product datasheet.


Many of our products are cross-compatible, so if you are looking to replace an existing unit and cannot find the exact product, another member of the same product family may be a suitable alternative.

Please contact us for advice.

SDLink series:

     SDLink/LC x 5
     SDLink/DM x 4
     SDLink/AM x 18
     SDLink2/AU x 1

SDBX series:

     SDBX/D2 x 1
     SDBX/S2-1 x 10
     SDBX/U2 x 7
     SDBX/UA2 x 27

     SDBX/R1 x 7
     SDBX/R2 x 18
     SDBX/RA2 x 5    

SD-VUE series:

     SD-VUE/50 x 6
     SD-VUE/50A x 4
     SD-VUE/52 x 5
     SD-VUE/52A x 16

Please Contact Us to confirm pricing and availability. 

Designed and manufactured in the UK by Scene Double, our analogue KVM extenders allow you to separate your VGA monitor, keyboard and mouse from a CPU over distance as well as being able to extend high-quality audio and serial signals.

Our proprietary technology seamlessly extends VGA video and USB (HID) or PS/2 signals over CATx (copper) cabling to distances up to 300 metres – much further than with ordinary KVM cabling. Trusted by companies worldwide, our extenders have a proven track record in many mission-critical environments, including:


Broadcast • Air Traffic/Airports • Government • Defence • Banking & Finance • Industrial Processes • Medical & Healthcare • Maritime & Offshore • Utilities & Transportation

Suitable for all desktop applications, SD-VUE and SDBX extenders support resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 and supports single or dual-head VGA video. Perfect for environments that require robust KVM extension at minimal cost.

Click below to view our analogue KVM extender products.

  • SD-VUE


    • High quality VGA video
    • Transparent USB 2.0 (low/full speed)
    • Integrated 4-port USB hub
    • Local video output
    • Compact footprint
    • Rack mountable
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  • SDBX


    • High resolution VGA video support
    • PS2 / USB 2.0 (Keyboard & Mouse)
    • Fully integrated skew compensation
    • Single, Dual and Quad-Head video
    • Compact chassis
    • Rack Mountable
    • Flash upgradeable
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