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           The Draco switch is integrated with the Calrec desk and makes it a simple task for producers and operators to instantly switch between applications. They can continue using their own workstations without changing position, which adds to the efficiency of the sound production area

Tim Rowden, Head of Sound, Calrec

KVM Matrix Switches

Combining innovation and world-class German precision engineering with a globally-recognised place at the top table of KVM switching technology, IHSE’s Draco Tera range of Matrix Switches are used all over the world. They provide robust, uncorrupted access to critical control systems in industries who rely absolutely on 100% uptime.


Broadcast • Air Traffic/Airports • Government • Defence • Banking & Finance • Industrial Processes • Medical & Healthcare • Maritime & Off Shore • Utilities & Transportation

With the ability to meet the demands of clients with ever-changing requirements, operators can switch between sources with no transmission delay, no picture degradation and in complete security (as the system doesn’t use IP), enabling them to stay in full control, all the time.

The Draco Tera range of KVM Matrix Switches and Extenders support from 8 – 576 non-blocking, assignable ports and offers unrivalled flexibility, both over CATx and fibre cabling. Every model in the range can handle digital video up to 4K/60 UHD and optionally USB 3.0 and 3G-SDI.

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  • Draco Tera Enterprise

    Draco Tera Enterprise

    • Modular non-blocking architecture
    • Delay-free HD & 4K UHD switching
    • For mission-critical environments
    • Hot-plug cards and redundant PSUs
    • 48, 80, 160, 288 or 576 ports
    • Link multiple chassis in a Matrix Grid
    • Integrated management system
    • Supports KVM, USB, SDI, Audio
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  • Draco CPU Switch

    Draco CPU Switch

    • Works with Draco Tera matrix switches
    • Perfect for access to VGA servers
    • 8-input, 1-output KVM switch
    • Save on switch ports & extenders
    • Instant switching via keyboard hotkeys
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  • Draco U-Switch

    Draco U-Switch

    • Switches keyboard & mouse
    • Can operate eight computers
    • Quick and instant switching
    • Switch by moving mouse
    • Companion to Draco Tera
    • No software required
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  • Draco MultiView

    Draco MultiView

    • Switch 4K60 DP and USB signals
    • Switch via mouse, keyboard or buttons
    • Monitor multiple video signals
    • GPIO for external LEDs / push button
    • PIP modes
    • SNMP Monitoring
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  • Draco Tera Flex

    Draco Tera Flex

    • For small to mid-sized KVM applications
    • 16 to 160 Flex-Ports
    • Instant 2K & 4K switching
    • Capability for 1G and 3G technology
    • Critical application redundancy
    • Compact size of 1, 2 or 4RU
    • Link multiple chassis in a Matrix Grid
    • Integrated management system
    • Simple to set-up & configure
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Want to really understand our KVM Solutions?

KVM Explained