New IHSE extender combines the worlds of KVM and SDI

New IHSE extender combines the worlds of KVM and SDI

IHSE broadens the successful Draco Vario KVM Extender series with a new SDI Extender. 3G-SDI signals and embedded audio can now be combined with KVM data in Draco Tera KVM switches and point-to-point extenders for transmitted over copper or fiber cables up to 10 km.

SDI is a worldwide video standard in the professional broadcast industry. For the first time, IHSE brings together the broadcast and digital video worlds in a single solution without compromising either.

The new module carries two SDI ports, providing dual-head support or enabling connection of a local monitor and is available with redundant interconnection options for greater reliability.

A special feature of the Draco Vario SDI Extender is integrated signal conversion between SDI and digital video domains, including DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort; allowing viewing of content on a wide range of monitors, without the need for dedicated SDI displays for users and the use of Cat X and fiber for SDI extension.

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