Simple and flexible KVM signal extension for dual-head DisplayPort monitors

Simple and flexible KVM signal extension for dual-head DisplayPort monitors

The new extender enables video transmission of Dual-Head DisplayPort including keyboard and mouse signals over a single duplex fibre optic cable or a Cat X cable and includes keyboard and mouse control.

This reduces the complexity of an installation, saves cost, space, cabling and reduces the need for matrix ports in a KVM matrix switch installation.

The DisplayPort 1.1 Dual-Head extender is the perfect solution to separate a dual-head workplace from its associated computer. Users are able to access and operate a remote computer in real time using their workplaces’ keyboard, mouse and monitors.

Locating source computers in an environmentally-controlled server room protects them from unauthorized access and adverse environmental influences including dust, moisture and heat. It also frees working environments from computers that take up space and emit heat and fan noise.

The Dual-Head extender enables resolutions of up to 1920×1200 pixels at 60 frames per second in dual-head mode with pristine image visualization in 24-bit color depth (true color) and optimal 4:4:4 color space.

Single-head transmission at 4K30 is also possible. The module supports embedded digital audio transmission via the DisplayPort interface to suit monitors with integrated loudspeakers without additional audio modules or cables. In addition,

Draco Vario add-on modules for other interfaces such as USB 2.0, analog audio and RS232 can be integrated and transmitted via the same datastream.

The product is available now.

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