Scene Double partners with KVM-TEC for flexible KVM-over-IP solutions.

Scene Double partners with KVM-TEC for flexible KVM-over-IP solutions.

Scene Double becomes the sole UK partner for KVM-TEC, experts in KVM-over-IP Extender and Switching Solutions.

IHSE, a leading global technology provider for proprietary KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) solutions is now expanding its product portfolio with the recent acquisition of KVM-TEC.

Founded in 2006, KVM-TEC develops and distributes flexible, high-security KVM-over-IP solutions (KVMoIP) to extend and switch computer signals.

The company enables the high-performance, latency-reduced transmission of the signals via the standard IP protocol in existing networks.

Through this acquisition, Scene Double are pleased to announce we are now able to provide a wide-range of flexible KVM-over-IP solutions from KVM-TEC, in additional to the industry-leading proprietary KVM technology from IHSE.

The proprietary KVM solutions of IT security specialist IHSE, are used particularly in mission-critical applications such as air traffic control, control rooms and in the utilities and transport sectors. KVM solutions over the standard IP protocol are increasingly being deployed in industrial applications, broadcasting, post-production and the public sector as the more flexible, lower-cost solution that can be implemented faster.

With KVM-TEC's IP-based product portfolio, we are strengthening our strategic competitive position in the market for further growth. Now we offer the right KVM solution for every customer need. Our joint technology platform also means we are reinforcing our innovation capabilities in a rapidly changing market.

By expanding our product portfolio, we can offer our customers a one-stop-shop approach and expand our techology reach.

We are confident we have found the right partner with KVM-TEC to support our ongoing growth.

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