Near instantaneous response, no dropped commands and unrestricted matrix connectivity enable the duty controller to specify the exact configuration required. In today's environment, even a slight delay in response is unacceptable

Manuel Kirchesch, Project Manager, NATO

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Draco Tera CompactKVM matrix switch with 8 - 80 Ports

Draco Tera Compact
  • Instant HD & 4K UHD switching
  • For small & mid-sized KVM needs
  • Redundancy for critical applications
  • Cost-effective, small footprint package
  • Redundant PSUs
  • 8, 16, 32, 48, 64 or 80 ports
  • Link multiple chassis in a Matrix Grid
  • Integrated management system
  • Simple to set-up & configure

The Draco Tera Compact by IHSE has been specifically designed for small to mid-sized KVM requirements but uses the same technology found in their enterprise-level matrix systems.

It enables switching between computers and remote consoles – keyboard, mouse, monitor and other peripherals – and is available with both CATx or Fibre ports in 8, 16, 32, 48, 64 or 80-port switch sizes.

Both the 64 and 80-port chassis switches are available as hybrid versions, for example 48 CATx ports and 16/32 fibre ports and Draco’s unique Flex-Port technology offers huge time-saving benefits for system installers by negating the need to pre-configure input and output ports to specific I/O requirements.

Fibre-optic ports allows data transfer up to 10km either side of the matrix, perfect for inter-building connections and each computer can be quickly assessed from any position, via keyboard, on-screen display (OSD), the Draco Tera Tool or an ethernet or serial interface.

Each port on the Draco Tera Compact must be connected to an IHSE digital KVM extender module. Extenders are available to suit nearly all combinations of common video and data interfaces.

At a glance features

  • Compact size 1RU or 2RU
  • Port connections for CATx, fibre and coaxial
  • Instant, delay-free switching
  • Flex-Port technology for dynamic port assignment (no need to refer to port numbers)
  • Mix & Match (fibre ports switchable to CATx ports and vice-versa)
  • Matrix Grid feature automates multi-matrix connections through tie lines
  • Java-based Tera Tool for remote configuration& maintenance
  • Multi-signal support: KVM, USB 2.0/3.0, SDI (SD/HD/3G)
  • Remote extenders can be updated through the matrix
  • Complete API for integration with media controllers
  • Multi-Screen Control feature (switching via mouse movement)
  • SNMP & Syslog monitoring
  • Redundant power supply
  • Support of full or part matrix redundancy
  • Intelligent management system replicates system settings across all components
  • Compatible with Draco Tera Enterprise

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