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Icron USB 3.0 ExtendersExtender from Icron Technologies

Icron USB 3.0 Extenders
  • Extends USB 3.0 connections at 5 Gbps
  • Compatible with all major OS
  • ExtremeUSB technology
  • Extend up to 100m
  • Small footprint

Icron Technologies is the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance USB and video extension solutions for commercial and industrial markets. With their patented ExtremeUSB® technology, the entire range of USB extenders offers customers reliable, world-class product.

The Spectra 3022 USB 3.0 extender is a two-port, USB 3.0 SuperSpeed extension solution enabling USB 3.0 connections at up to 5Gbps over 100m of fibre. Perfect for large file transfers, storage and post-production editing and remote imaging.

The Spectra 3001-15 USB 3.0 extender is a single-port, USB 3.0 SuperSpeed extension solution enabling USB 3.0 connections at up to 5Gbps over 15m. An ideal short-range copper extension solution for localized extension.

There are no software drivers – so they are easy to install and are compatible with all USB 3.0 devices and operating systems. Durable with commercial grade, robust connections and casing, they can deliver plenty of power through locking USB ports.

These products only support USB 3.0 devices, and are not backwards compatible with USB 2.0.
The Spectra 3022 can be integrated with Draco Tera matrix switch solutions from IHSE.

- New products due 2018

Icron are soon to release new products for extending USB 3.0 with backwards compatibility.

Icron's Raven (3104/3124) is a four-port USB solution for extending USB 3.1 devices over CAT 6a/7 cable to 100 meters, or 200 meters over multi-mode fibre.
This USB extender is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1 devices for use at the full 5Gbps bandwidth.

The Raven includes an Ethernet pass-through for connecting to network enabled devices or to use existing infrastructure without losing LAN connectivity. This makes the Raven highly suitable for remote storage, security/monitoring, video matrix systems and conferencing cameras.

Icron Spectra 3022 | Icron Spectra 3001-15 | Icron Raven 3104 | Icron Raven 3124 

At a glance features

  • Professional USB 3.0 extension solutions
  • Integrated one, two or four-port hub suitable for industrial environments
  • Extend up to 200m depending on extender model/device type
  • Rugged locking USB and power connectors
  • Built on ExtremeUSB® technology
  • Supports USB 3.0 devices at 5 Gbps
  • No software drivers required
  • Works with all major operating systems


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