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           The truck is highly versatile and includes powerful technology that delivers the highest level of quality. With the Draco Tera switch we can perform all routing and switching tasks, including multi-screen replication in a single compact unit, saving weight and space

Jan de Pijper, Managing Director, Facility House

Interface Converters

You can continue to use your legacy equipment without major re-investment with IHSE’s video and USB interface converters. These allow old and even obsolete equipment to be connected to state-of-the-art KVM systems.

As well as connecting modern digital displays to legacy analogue VGA sources, IHSE's video interface converters bring non-computer video feeds such as CCTV and security cameras to a Draco Tera matrix system through their ability to convert RGB, Component, Composite, SDI and even CGA/EGA video to DVI.

In addition, by using an USB HID converter you can integrate older PS/2 CPUs, keyboards and mice with IHSE's range of modern USB-based KVM solutions. (Please enquire)

  • Multi-Signal Video Converters

    Multi-Signal Video Converters

    • Convert legacy video to DVI
    • Component, RGB, EGA, VGA, SDI
    • Integrated Scaler
    • Modern displays with legacy equipment
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Want to really understand our KVM Solutions?

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