Draco Tera Enterprise Controller Board Redundancy

Draco Tera Enterprise Controller Board Redundancy

IHSE offers a market-leading, comprehensive redundancy concept for Draco Tera Enterprise KVM Matrix Switch systems that ensures maximum system operational availability. The range of redundant options has now been extended by the introduction of a fully redundant controller board capability. A secondary controller board can now be installed in 48, 80 and 288-port Draco Tera Enterprise KVM Matrix Switches.

The redundant controller board operates in "Hot Standby" mode and takes over all control operations when the primary card is removed or fails. This capability maximizes failure safety, availability and uptime of the KVM system, especially in mission-critical installations.

It is available in all new production units, and can be retrofitted into existing installations (production year 2015 and later). The redundant controller card is also compatible with matrix grid systems.

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