Live Legends - IHSE plays Key Role at Esports Gaming event

Live Legends - IHSE plays Key Role at Esports Gaming event

IHSE played a key role at the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) global invitational at the Mercedes Benz Arena in Berlin.

IHSE, a global market leader in the supply of core technology to live events and esports, played a key role in managing and controlling the crucial media servers.

They already had a preference for IHSE, which, in view of the proprietary protocol, robustness and reliability, seemed a good choice. Multi-screen control in which different screens can be operated seamlessly with the same mouse and keyboard, totally met their way of working. A demo at the Live Legends studio, to show how it all works and that an IHSE solution would be compatible with their media servers.

At PGI, the server city stood in a corridor on the ground floor, but the two operators were sitting front-of-house on the balcony in the arena, 30 meters away. Without the IHSE system, this would have been a major challenge.

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Tim Rowden, Head of Sound, Calrec


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