Icron soon to release USB 3-2-1 Raven 3104 / 3124

Icron soon to release USB 3-2-1 Raven 3104 / 3124

For a long time now, computers/servers have been supplied with USB 3.0 ports for super fast data transfers. The USB 3.0 spec requires that it be fully backwards compatible with USB 2.0 devices. However, not all USB 3.0 ports or the computers they're connected to will achieve this USB 2.0 backwards compatibility properly.

For those who need to Extend USB 3.0, Icron have a couple of great solutions, but they are not backward compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 devices, which can be a pain if you also need to extend those from the computer.

In response to this, Icron Technologies in Canada are soon to release two new products for extending USB 3.0 with backwards compatibility.

Meet the Raven & Maverick

The Raven will be a four-port USB extender system supporting all USB 3.1 devices up to 5 Gbps, while maintaining backward compatibility for USB 2.0 and 1.1 devices at their respective throughput rates simultaneously over a single CAT 6a/7 cable up to 100 meters or 200 meters over multi-mode fibre.

Raven 3104 for extending over CAT 6a/7   |   Raven 3124 for extending over Fibre

Icron Raven 3-2-1 Fibre USB Extender

The Raven 3104 / 3124 both include an Ethernet pass-through for connecting to network enabled devices or to use existing infrastructure without losing LAN connectivity. This makes the Raven highly suitable for remote storage, security/monitoring, video matrix systems and conferencing cameras.

Download Raven 3104  / 3124 Datasheets

The Maverick KVM extender system builds upon the Raven by adding TICO lightweight video compression from technology partner intoPIX, enabling 10 Gbps extension of Ultra-High Definition 4K60 4:4:4: video and all type USB peripherals over a single CAT 6a cable up to 100 meters or 200 meters over fibre.

Both innovative extension solutions offer compatibility with all major operating systems:
Windows, macOS and Linux.

The Raven 3104 (CAT6a/7)  and Raven 3124 (Fibre) will be available from Q1 '18

The Maverick (USB 3-2-1 + DisplayPort 1.2a 4K60) will be available later from Mid '18

Check back soon with Scene Double to pre-order the new Raven 3104 / 3124 (3-2-1)

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