IHSE SNMP Monitoring Module

IHSE SNMP Monitoring Module

The Draco Vario monitoring module 474-SNMP offers comprehensive SNMP support for Draco Vario KVM Extenders and dedicated components. The expansion board is suitable for 6BP and 21-bay chassis (474-BODY6BP/BPF and 474-BODY21/4U) and includes TCP/IP and RS232 interfaces for external access.

It allows monitoring of all function-critical and safety-critical parts of the chassis and integrated extenders. In point-to-point operation, the SNMP module enables the centralized installation of updates.

In matrix operation, you can also take advantage of the SNMP module: it offers additional monitoring of parts which are not covered by the matrix’ SNMP system, e.g. the extender chassis’ PSUs.

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