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Scene Double’s experience and expertise in the professional KVM and video extension market stretches back over 20 years from its formation in 1991.  The company’s roots are as a specialist designer and supplier of analogue video splitting devices for high bandwidth, distortion-free image duplication; devices that were used widely in the computer graphics industry and in financial and commercial sectors.  Spotting market requirements, the company grew and evolved by introducing new products to provide intelligent point-to-point extensions for computers.  Scene Double was one of the first manufacturers to introduce dedicated products for keyboard, video and mouse connectivity to connect distant computers over a single Cat5 cable and provide remote operation.  The range incorporated unique features such as full KVM emulation which offered permanent connectivity of peripheral devices to CPUs for simultaneous remote and local operation.

Many products are manufactured under OEM relationships with some of the computer industry’s largest suppliers of computer systems and peripherals from Scene Double’s own UK based world-class manufacturing facility, Printed Systems Ltd, capable of both volume surface-mount component placement and complete product assembly.  Direct sales of KVM, DVI and video switching and extension devices are also undertaken from the headquarters site in Hertfordshire to major organisations throughout the world where they are renowned for their quality, innovation and reliability.

Scene Double has entered into a number of technology cross-licensing and marketing deals with other companies in similar markets.  The most successful of these began in 2005 with German’s leading supplier of KVM-Extenders and KVM-Switches, IHSE; a relationship that has since developed into the recent appointment of Scene Double as IHSE’s sole distributor of IHSE KVM computer and video extension equipment in the UK, including the new Draco range of DVI matrix switch; a groundbreaking KVM router capable of multi-channel distribution of DVI signals up to 1080p over long distances using CatX and fibre cabling.

Scene Double prides itself on a strong level of personal support, provided in most case by engineers responsible for original product design.  This has culminated in the recent opening of a fully equipped and spacious training facility for all its own products, together with those of its partner companies.  Scene Double also offers full system specification services to assist dealers and system integrators in specifying and using its KVM and DVI switching and extension product range.